Sunday, September 25, 2011

Family Love

Tonight was a night that was full of love and a family committing to continue to love and grow together. My sister Nancy, with her husband Joe, renewed their vows in celebration of their upcoming 10 year wedding anniversary. The evening was magical. It was held at Southern Exposure, hosted by family friends Curtis and Scott. Our Great Uncle Bernie used to own the small farm. He was a well know Horticulturist and has recently passed away. Curtis and Scott were great friends of Uncle Bernie and wanted to give Nancy something special. So, they blessed us with hosting this loved filled evening. The ceremony was beautiful. The Bride walked down the isle to "Sweet Child O Mine" by Guns N Roses. It was classic! The whole family was involved. They had colored sand representing each member of the family. They combined the sand into one jar symbolizing the family bond. I even had to make a speech during the reception. I am glad I didn't mess up! Conversation was had afterwards, and the cake was amazing! I can't wait for my own 10 year anniversary.
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