Sunday, November 6, 2011

I Have a Child!

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LoL, I can only imagine what you think! No, I am not pregnant, nor do I ever plan on being. I have adopted a beautiful puppy! He is only 4 weeks old now, so he will not be home until after thanksgiving. I have named him, King Henry Leopold Wofford. He is a Pomeranian, and oh so cute. His parents were to die for, so fluffy so adorable! I found the most amazing couple to get my Henry from. I was surfing the internet for dogs and found this ad, I got an email back saying they had posted the ad for a friend and they gave me a number. I called the number and to my surprise, I met Marsha and Mike. Two of the kindest people, good Christians, loving to their animals, I mean, what more could I ask for?
I was able to have this precious little boy because of a very good friend. My heart is full and I cannot wait for him to come home to me. I just received an email today with pictures of my Henry and his family. This is going to be the longest month of my life!!