Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bolero: An Everyday Classic

Bolero: a jacket ending above or at the waistline, with or without a collar, lapel and sleeves, worn open in the front.

I absolutely adore the Bolero. Being a girl on the curvier side, I often find myself looking for jackets, cardigans and shrugs to cover up my not so lovely arms (well, I think they are not so lovely! My Husband disagrees.). The Bolero is a must have for any wardrobe. Boleros are great for emphasizing your waist and enhancing your hour glass figure. You can use it to dress up your outfit after work, or even dress down a cocktail dress for a more casual feel. There are so many styles and fabric choices you are sure to find one that matches any outfit, even more than one!
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The origins of this cropped jacket were a bit tricky to find. The word Bolero is a Spanish word used to describe a traditional form if Spanish dance. This style of jacket was also worn by Matadors and is worn open in the front. The bright colors and embroidery of this Spanish style jacket inspired the Bolero jackets of the 19th century.
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Who wouldn’t want to show off those beautiful colors! The women of the 19th century recognized this beauty and made the Bolero a must have to every dress. These jackets flaunted embroidery and beautiful fabrics. Collars and lapels were added as well as a way to fasten the jacket in the front. Usually a Bolero will only cover the upper torso, shoulders and arms leaving the waist and hips uncovered. This jacket made an excellent addition to the full skirts and small waist dresses of the era. It also added a touch of width to the shoulders giving the figure a more balanced look.

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This must have jacket is made in a variety of fabrics and styles. I have even found them made of lace! <3 Whether its short sleeved or long sleeved you are sure to find one for you. So the next time you are looking for the little something extra to spice up an old outfit, grab a Bolero and feel confident in the warmth of an everyday classic.

Before I go, I just wanted to share some links I found on Etsy of some super cute bolero jackets!