Monday, March 10, 2014

Top 10 Reasons to Hate Retail! And I got a New JOB!!

OMG! Quick while the baby is sleeping! I must post something!

OK, so life is changing lately, and that's a good thing. I just recently got a new job! I am so excited! I will no longer be working at the bookstore! Woot! I have been there for the last 14 years and am ready for a change! So, I am so presenting the top 10 reasons to hate retail! LOL

10. Standing all day. Standing all day sucks. Enough said.
9. Working with teenagers. I laugh as I write this because I started this job as a teenager and now that I am 30, I can't stand teenagers! One reason, they are lazy!
8. Working Holidays. This again, just sucks. To miss almost every family Christmas or holiday party is no fun. I like tradition!
7. Horrible pay. Why is it so many people are paid more than people that serve the public?
6. Not having a fixed schedule. It is murder on your body and your life to always be switching from first to second shift with a couple of mid shifts here and there.
5. Working for people who are stupid. This happens in every retail job. My boss now is awesome, but there were a few in the past that all I could do was look at them and say, "really?".
4. Listening to people on the phone. Just tell me what you want! I don't have time to chat, nor do I care about who, what and why!!
3. Trying to sell stupid products that the company makes you sell. All I can think of is, "I wouldn't buy this, why should I make anyone else?".
2. Spending 15 minutes with a customer deciphering their gibber jabber to finally find what they are looking for and then they don't buy it... enough said.
1. Being yelled at by the public. GET A LIFE! Your crappy problems are not mine!

So with this said I say goodbye to retail! I will not miss you, but thank you for the money and life experience. And yeah... well, deuces.