Saturday, December 20, 2014

Work Contest!! And I Plan On Winning!

So we are playing a weight loss game at work. I am so down for this! 1. I NEED to loose weight. 2. They are paying for the gym membership for the two months the contest is running.
I am excited because it is who ever looses the highest percentage based on their start weight. So I think everyone has a fair shot. But what a great way to get yourself in the right zone to really get serious about loosing weight and my health. Plus, the winner gets their gym membership paid for for the rest of 2015! BOOM! I know I want that!
So, where to begin. I am hella fat! LOL I have always been large and last year I ended up preggo when I was at my fattest! I really did fine with weight gain over the course of the pregnancy, it was after where I epic-ally failed myself! I was depressed, the baby would only sleep when I was holding him and the Husband brought donuts home for dinner WAY too often. :-)
Lets just say the results from almost three months of shock and adjustment into motherhood left me Jabba sized!
So, its time to get real. Pause for a disclaimer: I am not really into photos, I am a woman after all and I don't like the way I look in photos when I am this heavy. That said, if you plan on commenting about my being fat in a negative way, know this, you can't just comment on my blog with out my approval, and fuck your negativity, I get laid daily by a hot, ripped man with a six pack, whats wrong with your life? Mine rocks!
The game starts January 2nd. So I have two weeks to get my game plan in place as to how I am going to kick every ones ass at work!!! Please feel free to comment with diet tips and encouragement! I am sure many of you have been here before.
I wonder if I have to give up coffee? Maybe just coffee with cream. But still coffee, right?