Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Random Blog Where I Remember Fall Half Way Through...

My son is doing the cutest things lately. My new favorite is that he has to have a blanket to snuggle when he gets up in the morning. He calls it a "Lee Lee" which also resembles the name of his sitters son, who on many occasion is snuggled up in his own blanket in the morning when I drop Eli off. Eli is also getting very cuddly. I like it!
This week is good so far. I have been sticking with my two smoothies a day. Well, today I did have to have a piece of pizza at lunch. I know, but before you yell at me, it was because my sales rep from a shipping company we use came in and bought us lunch. I had to eat it, otherwise it would have been rude.
Anyway! I have been doing good, and I am down another pound. WOOT!

Nothing major is happening at the moment that I can talk about anyway. I do have some news, but alas I want to know more before I share.
This weekend is a family weekend! Chad has Friday, Saturday and Sunday off so we should be very busy doing fall things! Oh, Happy Fall everyone!! Its my favorite season officially! Halloween is a big deal in this house, and well, Fall in general. Hey, thoughts peeps, should Eli be a Box Troll or a Pirate?

Well, this was just a small blog. Until Next Time!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Hey Peeps! The world is beautiful today. I love when its the perfect weather and I can just throw the windows open and let the cool breeze whip through the house. It smells amazing, makes everything feel fresh and alive, sigh... the best. September is a great month to live in the upper USA. We are north, but not so north that its friggin freezing (at least not yet)!
I promised on my Google+ page that I would tell about my smoothie I had yesterday morning. I actually had it again today it was so good! First, lets talk, why smoothies you ask? Well;
  • I have never gone hard core on smoothies before. Sure, I've had them, but I never had on a regular basis. 
  • It seems like a good, easy way to incorporate more veggies in my diet. I have a hard enough time as it is eating well, and while I do love veggies, convenience will tend to win in our household when it comes to what Mom and Dad are eating. Dinner is not that hard, we eat as a family so the table is full of goodness. I find it the hardest with Breakfast and Lunch.
  • There is a lot of smoothies being made, along with juicing, and I am not ashamed to admit, I can get caught up in a fad quick! LOL
So lets take a look at some smoothie info: **please note, most of this focuses on green smoothies**
Some people are really into the Green Smoothie movement. I found this website called Raw Family and they had a really interesting article about guidelines for green smoothies. I took this excerpt from their article:

  • "Drink your smoothie by itself, and not as a part of a meal. Don’t consume anything, even as little as a cracker or candy with it. You may eat anything you want approximately 40 minutes before or 40 minutes after you finished your smoothie. Your goal is to get the most nutritional benefit out of your green smoothie."

I find that to be interesting a good to know. It seems to make sense that you would want to have your digestive system concentrate on all that goodness instead of wasting its time trying to break down a piece of toast as well. This article was full of great info. Check it out.

"They Trick You Into Being Healthier" is what an article on the site had to say.
"On top of that, one purposely healthy action makes it more likely that you’ll do other healthy things, because the human mind just loves to be consistent. So drink that green smoothie and you’ll feel more inclined to try other recipes or get some exercise, too! "
Even if you don't so smoothies, you have to be down with the idea that doing anything different and healthy is going to make a change in your life. I set a goal to start the week off by replacing Breakfast and Lunch with smoothies. I will report on how well I do. I did practice a bit over the weekend...

My smoothies tend to be on the whatever I think of to through in the blender scale! LOL My smoothie from the post was:

  • 1/4 cup Orange Juice
  • 1/3 cup of Water
  • 1 cup fresh Spinach
  • 1/4 avocado
  • 1/3 cup Pineapple  **these measurements are not entirely accurate**
Now this smoothie is not a meal replacement. This was one I drank first thing in the morning. I also had a piece of whole grain oatmeal toast with avocado and scrambled egg whites on top. 

 The next day I did a second rendition of this smoothie but added 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder. I use the kind out local grocery store makes, just generic whey protein. I used that as my whole breakfast and was surprisingly full all morning.

Oh my gosh this blog is long. So, that is it. We shall see how this week goes. Hopefully I will report I stuck to my goal. :) Later!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Two Bad Pagans Podcast, You Guys Have Got to Check This Out!

I have to share this, I have to support my friends Lindsay Mead and Nick from Just Elevator Music. Check out their Podcast, Two Bad Pagans. Its a hoot, good stuff. No, I am not a pagan any more, but that doesn't change my friends and it doesn't change the fact that these guys are too funny together. Check out Two Bad Pagans Podcast on iTunes, read the blog, get to know these peeps! If you are in the pagan community I am sure they would love to hear from you. Even if your not pagan, both of these fabulous people have their own YouTube Channels.
I have to say I have been stalking Lindsay for years! LOL Shes an amazing person, a talented Author and I can't stop watching her vlog!
Same with Nickleby. Well, I haven't been stalking him for years, but I am addicted to his vlog as well. I happen to know these people in the real world, like not just YouTube Land, and I can honestly say they are very real on their vlogs and boy is it refreshing.

Check out more about Lindsay Mead 
Check out more about Just Elevator Music (Nick)

Oh, and buy Lindsay's book!! The Beast

Thursday, September 17, 2015

How Was Your Day?

Today was an OK day and not an OK day. Sigh, check it;
Work wasn't that bad, a little boring, but not bad. I wish people had put in more orders, but some days are just slow. Especially before the end of the month, gotta make those monthly budget quotas.
I had lunch with my husband and son, which was really nice. We ate at my favorite Mexican joint called Ninas. So so good.
Got home and Chad had made dinner in prep for going to the grocery store tonight. Insert angry toddler and the night just went south! LOL
I have no idea what I am doing with this parent thing, let me just point that out right now. A long time ago, Stacy wasn't EVER going to have children... EVER! In steps life and growth and I thought, I could do that. I might like that. Then comes love that feels like forever is nothing and yes family, babies, lets do it!!! Then birth of the child and insert two people who have no idea of what they got themselves into.
Eli is the most amazing and best thing I have ever done, that I will ever do! But when he does what he did tonight its like I question every decision of my life! OMG the fact that you can't reason with a toddler will be my down fall. We get to the store and everything seems good, he doesn't want to sit in the cart, he doesn't want me to hold him, he is too little to walk with all these people around so he is just crying and screaming. So we left. Its cool little dictator that rules my life, I don't need any food or deodorant. Sigh...
So here I sit alone, waiting for Chad to get home from the store so we can put away the food and just go to bed.
So how was your day?

My Little Eli

Had to share this little ditty one more time. I did on Facebook, but I don't mind the world seeing just how wonderful he is. :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

OMG I am a Terrible Blogger! LOL

OMG people, I can't believe its been since February since I posted anything!

Ok, lets get caught up! I

I totally kicked ass at the weight loss contest. I lost a total of, I think, 11 pounds. Not too bad for only doing it for two months. So I got the gym membership. Fast forward a few months and I was no longer at the gym, but I hadn't put any weight back on, but I wasn't losing any either.
My girl T got a job where I work, which is awesome by the way, and she was determined to lose some weight herself. We decided to do the diet called 21 Day Fix . It looked easy and we knew someone who had great results. Basically its a portion control diet. Save yourself the expensive stuff from the website, you can find the containers on Amazon for like $25. The books we didn't really feel we needed because of all the free info you can find on Pinterest. God love the internet! LOL
K, T and I decided to all do the diet and be a support group. I did amazing! I lost another 10 pounds! NICE! It was nice having friends to diet with for sure. We all would sit around at lunch bragging about the awesomeness we made or how healthy our lunch was. Or we would just complain about the general struggles and lameness of the dieting.
If you do decide you want to do the 21 Day Fix diet I have a few tips:

  1. Do the exercise. I didn't, and still lost 10 pounds but think about how much more I could have lost. Do the exercise. 
  2. Keep track of your food with a journal/tracker. You had specific amounts of things you needed to consume everyday and it was actually a lot of food. You forget how much less you eat when you are filling your body with trash.You will need to eat often to get all the protein and veg down.
  3. Smoothies are awesome. And you don't need an expensive Nutri bullet to make one. I bought a $15 Hamilton Beach smoothie blender (this link says $19.99 but where I live we have Meijer and it was only $14.99, so shop around) and a Blender Bottle. They both work great and were cheap. I especially love the Blender Bottle. 
**Please note I am not paid to plug any of these products, I just happen to use them and like them. Sorry if your experience is not the same** But if someone wants too, I may be open to something. :)

Since we finished to 21 days and are on break I have done very well. I have lost 4 more pounds. I believe I am down a total of......25 pounds. Not bad, but the road is long. I don't remember if I have mentioned my weight, but I am not by any means a tiny girl. I feel great though and the weight loss has helped with my Fibromyalgia and eating better always helps my IBS.

With changing all things I have made a promise to myself to post more. Blogging is more for me than you. I have always done a diary and I like documenting life. :) So hears to keeping my word. Feel free to hold me accountable people!

Until Next Time...

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Shoes... A Weakness

So often I see shoes I feel I need. I never buy them, I have been cursed with an extremely wide foot. Sadly most shoes do not fit. But I am a big believer that shoes can make an outfit. These I love.
Love These Shoes!!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

"Sweat is Fat Crying" or Something Like That

So yea, like I said, I am totally kicking a$$ in this contest at work. Because it would be any other way? Not!
I am down 9 lbs. and counting. I had made it to 10 lbs. but I had a binge on beer when the Hubby and I had a Friday "Date Night" with no baby all night! (oh, and it was a good night ;-))
But all in all I am pretty damn proud of myself. Loosing weight is hard! Very, very, very HARD! But I am planning on sticking with it (because people start dieting all the time with the intention of quitting? ok...).

Things I have noticed:
1. I feel better. Huh, I guess you never realize how bad you actually felt until you start feeling better.
2. I am not as hungry as I thought I would be. I was pretty sure I was going to want to stab someone constantly, but I'm OK. :)
3. I still have the urge to binge eat. It is still my go to when I am not feeling great. Whether its physically not feeling well or emotionally not feelin' it, I still go for the food. I won't even be hungry and I will find myself scoping the kitchen for a snack. I just wanna smack the cookie love right out of me! I think I will need a "couch" to solve that one though.

I don't mind the working out part either. I like it better than watching what I eat, that's for sure. The gym is awesome. Everyone wears headphones so you don't really have to worry about people talking to you, plus NO ONE looks at each other AND the gym has such a strict policy of no judging that I think people are just down right scared to talk to one another. LOL which is perfect for me since I hate talking to people and making small talk while I am trying to concentrate on something. Win Win all the way around.
One more month to go and we will see who is on top! Boom! In ya face work people! LOL (nah, I love you all, you know it.)