Tuesday, February 3, 2015

"Sweat is Fat Crying" or Something Like That

So yea, like I said, I am totally kicking a$$ in this contest at work. Because it would be any other way? Not!
I am down 9 lbs. and counting. I had made it to 10 lbs. but I had a binge on beer when the Hubby and I had a Friday "Date Night" with no baby all night! (oh, and it was a good night ;-))
But all in all I am pretty damn proud of myself. Loosing weight is hard! Very, very, very HARD! But I am planning on sticking with it (because people start dieting all the time with the intention of quitting? ok...).

Things I have noticed:
1. I feel better. Huh, I guess you never realize how bad you actually felt until you start feeling better.
2. I am not as hungry as I thought I would be. I was pretty sure I was going to want to stab someone constantly, but I'm OK. :)
3. I still have the urge to binge eat. It is still my go to when I am not feeling great. Whether its physically not feeling well or emotionally not feelin' it, I still go for the food. I won't even be hungry and I will find myself scoping the kitchen for a snack. I just wanna smack the cookie love right out of me! I think I will need a "couch" to solve that one though.

I don't mind the working out part either. I like it better than watching what I eat, that's for sure. The gym is awesome. Everyone wears headphones so you don't really have to worry about people talking to you, plus NO ONE looks at each other AND the gym has such a strict policy of no judging that I think people are just down right scared to talk to one another. LOL which is perfect for me since I hate talking to people and making small talk while I am trying to concentrate on something. Win Win all the way around.
One more month to go and we will see who is on top! Boom! In ya face work people! LOL (nah, I love you all, you know it.)