Thursday, September 17, 2015

How Was Your Day?

Today was an OK day and not an OK day. Sigh, check it;
Work wasn't that bad, a little boring, but not bad. I wish people had put in more orders, but some days are just slow. Especially before the end of the month, gotta make those monthly budget quotas.
I had lunch with my husband and son, which was really nice. We ate at my favorite Mexican joint called Ninas. So so good.
Got home and Chad had made dinner in prep for going to the grocery store tonight. Insert angry toddler and the night just went south! LOL
I have no idea what I am doing with this parent thing, let me just point that out right now. A long time ago, Stacy wasn't EVER going to have children... EVER! In steps life and growth and I thought, I could do that. I might like that. Then comes love that feels like forever is nothing and yes family, babies, lets do it!!! Then birth of the child and insert two people who have no idea of what they got themselves into.
Eli is the most amazing and best thing I have ever done, that I will ever do! But when he does what he did tonight its like I question every decision of my life! OMG the fact that you can't reason with a toddler will be my down fall. We get to the store and everything seems good, he doesn't want to sit in the cart, he doesn't want me to hold him, he is too little to walk with all these people around so he is just crying and screaming. So we left. Its cool little dictator that rules my life, I don't need any food or deodorant. Sigh...
So here I sit alone, waiting for Chad to get home from the store so we can put away the food and just go to bed.
So how was your day?