Wednesday, September 16, 2015

OMG I am a Terrible Blogger! LOL

OMG people, I can't believe its been since February since I posted anything!

Ok, lets get caught up! I

I totally kicked ass at the weight loss contest. I lost a total of, I think, 11 pounds. Not too bad for only doing it for two months. So I got the gym membership. Fast forward a few months and I was no longer at the gym, but I hadn't put any weight back on, but I wasn't losing any either.
My girl T got a job where I work, which is awesome by the way, and she was determined to lose some weight herself. We decided to do the diet called 21 Day Fix . It looked easy and we knew someone who had great results. Basically its a portion control diet. Save yourself the expensive stuff from the website, you can find the containers on Amazon for like $25. The books we didn't really feel we needed because of all the free info you can find on Pinterest. God love the internet! LOL
K, T and I decided to all do the diet and be a support group. I did amazing! I lost another 10 pounds! NICE! It was nice having friends to diet with for sure. We all would sit around at lunch bragging about the awesomeness we made or how healthy our lunch was. Or we would just complain about the general struggles and lameness of the dieting.
If you do decide you want to do the 21 Day Fix diet I have a few tips:

  1. Do the exercise. I didn't, and still lost 10 pounds but think about how much more I could have lost. Do the exercise. 
  2. Keep track of your food with a journal/tracker. You had specific amounts of things you needed to consume everyday and it was actually a lot of food. You forget how much less you eat when you are filling your body with trash.You will need to eat often to get all the protein and veg down.
  3. Smoothies are awesome. And you don't need an expensive Nutri bullet to make one. I bought a $15 Hamilton Beach smoothie blender (this link says $19.99 but where I live we have Meijer and it was only $14.99, so shop around) and a Blender Bottle. They both work great and were cheap. I especially love the Blender Bottle. 
**Please note I am not paid to plug any of these products, I just happen to use them and like them. Sorry if your experience is not the same** But if someone wants too, I may be open to something. :)

Since we finished to 21 days and are on break I have done very well. I have lost 4 more pounds. I believe I am down a total of......25 pounds. Not bad, but the road is long. I don't remember if I have mentioned my weight, but I am not by any means a tiny girl. I feel great though and the weight loss has helped with my Fibromyalgia and eating better always helps my IBS.

With changing all things I have made a promise to myself to post more. Blogging is more for me than you. I have always done a diary and I like documenting life. :) So hears to keeping my word. Feel free to hold me accountable people!

Until Next Time...