Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Random Blog Where I Remember Fall Half Way Through...

My son is doing the cutest things lately. My new favorite is that he has to have a blanket to snuggle when he gets up in the morning. He calls it a "Lee Lee" which also resembles the name of his sitters son, who on many occasion is snuggled up in his own blanket in the morning when I drop Eli off. Eli is also getting very cuddly. I like it!
This week is good so far. I have been sticking with my two smoothies a day. Well, today I did have to have a piece of pizza at lunch. I know, but before you yell at me, it was because my sales rep from a shipping company we use came in and bought us lunch. I had to eat it, otherwise it would have been rude.
Anyway! I have been doing good, and I am down another pound. WOOT!

Nothing major is happening at the moment that I can talk about anyway. I do have some news, but alas I want to know more before I share.
This weekend is a family weekend! Chad has Friday, Saturday and Sunday off so we should be very busy doing fall things! Oh, Happy Fall everyone!! Its my favorite season officially! Halloween is a big deal in this house, and well, Fall in general. Hey, thoughts peeps, should Eli be a Box Troll or a Pirate?

Well, this was just a small blog. Until Next Time!