Friday, September 18, 2015

Two Bad Pagans Podcast, You Guys Have Got to Check This Out!

I have to share this, I have to support my friends Lindsay Mead and Nick from Just Elevator Music. Check out their Podcast, Two Bad Pagans. Its a hoot, good stuff. No, I am not a pagan any more, but that doesn't change my friends and it doesn't change the fact that these guys are too funny together. Check out Two Bad Pagans Podcast on iTunes, read the blog, get to know these peeps! If you are in the pagan community I am sure they would love to hear from you. Even if your not pagan, both of these fabulous people have their own YouTube Channels.
I have to say I have been stalking Lindsay for years! LOL Shes an amazing person, a talented Author and I can't stop watching her vlog!
Same with Nickleby. Well, I haven't been stalking him for years, but I am addicted to his vlog as well. I happen to know these people in the real world, like not just YouTube Land, and I can honestly say they are very real on their vlogs and boy is it refreshing.

Check out more about Lindsay Mead 
Check out more about Just Elevator Music (Nick)

Oh, and buy Lindsay's book!! The Beast