Thursday, August 25, 2016

Makeup and What it Means to Wear it: In The Beginning

Recently, and by recently I am pretty sure we are approaching a year, I had to throw all of my makeup out. We adopted a new cat and the cat brought ringworm with it. Suffice to say I got a bit on my eyebrow of all places and decided to throw all of my makeup out just to be safe.
I know what some of you are thinking, "OMG, the money it will take to replace it alll... gurrll".
Well, I did have a lot, but lucky for me most of it was super old and it had been given to me for free. (yea for friends who use to sell Mary Kay)
I loved the idea of buying new makeup! I couldn't believe I had the chance to start from scratch.
How many YouTube Vloggers are there? A MILLION! LOL
I spiraled into a binge of makeup tutorials. Video after video and I was convinced I needed it all on my face as soon as possible.
(Deep Breath)
Realistically I could not afford the majority of the makeup these YouTube Gods and Goddesses were talking about. But, what I could afford was all the goodies of the drug store and thankfully these Makeup Mavens had all the dish on what works.
Did you know how much makeup there is? I mean there are whole stores now dedicated to makeup. Its not just a department in a much larger store now, it stands alone.
Let the acquiring begin.
I plan on sharing some of my experiences with you over a few blogs.  One of the biggest things I noticed was how many brands are really out there. I am finding some real gems.

And so Ladies and Gents, the journey begins. I move from one obsession to another.
Makeup and what it means to wear it. The beginning.

Mrs. Woffy

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