Sunday, September 11, 2016

A Good Friend is Hard to Find...?

The older I get, the harder friendship seems. People grow up (or in some cases never do), move away or grow apart.
I find at 33 years of age what I am willing to put into a relationship isn't a whole lot. 
I have a son, he is two. I don't think that requires any more explanation.
I have my husband, who I love very much, and that is so hard! A lot of "life energy" goes into maintaining a life long relationship. 
I still have my parents and there are three! (My Mom remarried when we were young and Dad married late but he's solo again.) That is no walk in the park for me. I am very independent and like to be left alone. Now, with my son, I have to be sure I maintain a constant relationship with them. I love it now but it is work. And let's tack on my two sisters, two brothers and their hoard of children.
Pause. I'm tired already.
So, here we are. Friends. 
Realistically who,in the flippin' fleck has time for friends?!? I mean, if you're single or young or have no kids or your kids are grown then yea, you have friends. But I'm not talking about you, in fact piss off! LOL
My list of qualifications, according to me, are not unrealistic. In fact, I feel like its quite simple.

  1. Don't be too needy. You see, I will probably not call you everyday or text. But if you do call me and I don't answer, leave a message if its important. I would never abandon you in a time of need, but I may ignore you if you just want to chat. And really, send a text. I HATE talking on the phone. 
  2. No judging!! I live my life, you live yours. You can have an opinion, but don't be pushy!
  3. Get your shit together! I have enough problems of my own! I am not saying you can't have life problems, just know there is a statue of limitations as to how long that shit can go on!
  4. You better be a down Bitch. I like to live a little on the dangerous side, so don't be a prude. I can't stand that!
  5. Do you, be you. You don't need to suddenly like everything I do or buy my friendship. I probably liked you for something that is completely different from me, so don't mimic. 
So far I have been lucky. I managed to nab a handful (literally I can count them on one hand) of girls that I call friends. I have been even luckier to have my Ride or Die Bitch Tori by my side now for like... 10 years? Yea, cool. 
So, I guess a good friend really isn't that hard to find. Maybe hard to keep, but not too hard to find.