Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I Went To the Movies for a Girls Night Out and Came Home Terrified to Be a Mom

Image result for public domain images girls night outGirls Night Out! I love a good "Girls Night Out", it gives me a chance to relive mini snips of my rampant and crazy early twenties. Drinks flow, followed by obnoxious funny banter between girlfriends. My fellow Mom Friend and I decided a much needed evening away from "The Child" ("The Children" in her case) was in order. When Friday came, I managed to pull what was a decent hair day back into action and gussy myself up enough for dinner and a movie.

Bad Moms was all I had been hearing about.

IT WAS HILARIOUS! But this isn't a review for the movie. This is a reaction to how it made me feel after three cocktails and a 1 a.m. buzz.
Lets start first with my Generation. I. Am. A. Millennial. Now, WAIT! Before you click off or think "yea, so?", let me defend my birth. I was born in good ol' 1983. The beginning of the end you could say. By the time I was in High School technology was growing so fast it was almost impossible to keep up. I however have the benefit of still remembering when things were not all about my phone and if I checked Facebook to see my co-workers new profile picture that they just posted. What does this have to do with the movie you ask? In Bad Moms the main character is my age (I can't remember but I know it was 30ish). Her problems and good intentions and well wishes for her children were all the same things I want for my son. The movie also depicts a part of her life that sets her in a work environment that showcases how just a 10 year difference in age can change the world. I know people that are 5-10 years younger than me and its like they grew up in a different dimensional plane!
These people are impossible to work with and so different yet they are considered to be apart of the same generation as I am. I really feel like this is a visual statement for how fast the world grows. That just five years can make or break a child's chance at being great at the next Super Mario Bros.

Secondly this movie made me increasingly more depressed about the success of marriage. I am not (at the moment) worried about my marriage. What I do find myself thinking about is how untrustworthy people can be. It would seem in life a person is more apt to be dishonest than honest. Image result for public domain images parentingAlso the way people make life decisions. What do they consider before agreeing to spend a life with someone.
Then there is the all encompassing feeling the movie leaves you with. EVERY DECISION I MAKE AFFECTS THE LIFE OF MY CHILD. No longer is there me, myself and I. They left. And didn't leave a call back number.
This movie is hilarious, and I highly recommend it to anyone by the way.

I need a Xanax.